I have volunteered for Streetcats, a local non-profit rescue organization, since high school.

I enjoy training Rippley and Gypsey with the help of the teachers at both Tulsa Dog Training Club and Companion Dog School of Tulsa.  Rippley and I are also members of PawPals and we visit a nursing home once a month.

I have experience with all types of pets.

Some animals that have allowed me to share a home with them include dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, fish, hamsters, birds, rats, snakes, and iguanas.  My parents were always rescuing stray pets that seemed to find their way to our house.  They used to joke that we had a neon sign on the front of our house that told all of the homeless animals to stop there.

Who am I?


Hello!  My name is Andrea and I am the owner/operator of Andrea’s Furry Angels Pet Care.  I started pet sitting in 1999 while attending college.  After receiving my B.S. in Biology, I decided to turn my love of animals into a career.  I have worked at several veterinarian clinics over the years, but pet sitting is just more fun!  My husband, Eric, and I share a home with 6 furry angels of our own – 2 dogs, Rippley and Gypsey, and 4 cats, Zeppelin, Chester, Osiris, and Czar. We also have an angel with feathers, our Senegal parrot, Casey.  They are our children. 

I am a member of and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.  I am also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.  I would love to provide you with personal references of some of my many satisfied clients.  

4 cats